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Indian Wars of Pennsylvania

  by C. Hale Sipe $44.95  

Indian Wars of PennsylvaniaIndian Wars of Pennsylvania, the second book in the "Great Pennsylvania Frontier Series", is a further attempt to fill in that gap of understanding of the part Indians played in early Eastern Frontier history. Originally published by Mr. Sipe in 1929 and revised in 1931, Indian Wars is based primarily on the Pennsylvania Archives and Colonial Records. This factual account of all Indian events on the Eastern Frontier, includes the French and Indian War, Lord Dunmore's War, Pontiac's War, the Revolutionary War and accounts of all Indian uprisings and tragedies on the Eastern Frontier.

The real key to this work, however, is the 156 page supplement added to the second edition of 1931. This supplement to the original work includes the following: A chronological listing of all major Indian events on the Eastern Frontier with the corresponding page to turn to in the book for further reading about that event; a listing of all officers of the early Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; a listing of Indian names of Pennsylvania and their meaning; details of Sullivan's campaign against the Indians; and the most detailed set of footnotes and references ever seen in a book. The best part of all may be that the book we used to reproduce our book was one of Mr. Sipe's personal copies, complete with his handwritten corrections in the margins of several pages. While Indian Chiefs, deals primarily with biographical data about many important chiefs, Indian Wars deals mainly with the conflict between the early settlers and the Indians and the results of that struggle. Indian Wars has been out of print for over 60years but it's 908 pages will live on in the hearts and minds of every reader until the end of time.

Contains the "tremendous"156 page supplement to the first edition. This supplement includes a chronological table of major Indian events of the 18th century, a listing of principal Indian towns of Pennsylvania, plus very extensive chapter notes. No library on Eastern Frontier History can be complete without the 2 best books ever written on Pennsylvania Indian history—Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania and Indian Wars of Pennsylvania.

(cover of book is different than what is shown above)
908 pages, index, notes, chronological table, paperback, $44.95.
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