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Bonnie Marris

Social Viewpoints by Bonnie Marris

Social Viewpoints by Bonnie Marris

Take pleasure in this prized and privileged glimpse of the carefree nature of the untamed wolf. “Those of us who are social beings have many different ways of looking at things and many ways of communicating our opinions and feelings which is why I had so much fun creating this piece,” Bonnie Marris states. “You can read the viewpoints of each wolf and compare them to your own. I, myself, often feel my view of things is kind of askew from everyone else’s so I guess I'm the wolf in the middle. I don't know if the ‘painting police’ allow the main subject to be upside down but that is just how this one just had to be!”

The original painting of "Social Viewpoints" was the winner of the David P. Usher Patrons’ Choice Award at the 2012 Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles.



Small size: 45 signed and numbered canvas prints
Image Size: 30" x 18"
Price - $575.00
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Large size: 15 signed and numbered canvas prints
Image Size: 45" x 27"
Price: $995.00
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