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The Conquerors by Allan Eckert


ConquerorsVolume III of The Winning of America Series. Conquerors deals with the aftermath of the 1763 Treaty of Paris which ended the French and Indian War, to include English expansion into formerly French occupied Northwest Territories, continuing French resistance, Pontiac's War, the siege of Detroit, and the role of Col. Henry Bouquet in subduing the Indians.
This volume chronicles the movement of the British into the great Northwest after ousting the French in the French and Indian War. At first the Indians welcomed the whites, but the hatred of the British commander, Sir Jeffrey Amherst, for the Indians and his harsh and unfair treatment of them caused anger to rise among the tribes to the point that a confederation of tribes was formed under the leadership of Chief Pontiac of the Ottawas. In spring of 1763, in a synchronized movement, war parties of Indians struck simultaneously at every northwestern fort occupied by the British and they captured them all except one, Detroit. That bastion was placed under siege by Pontiac and his warriors and it lasted until the following October. This is the story of the events leading up to the siege of Detroit, the siege itself, and its aftermath.

720pp., maps, index, biblio., notes, $19.00 paperback
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