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  by Consul Willshire Butterfield    
  Never before has a book captured my imagination as this book has about the first "civilized man" to explore the interior regions of Pennsylvania and Western New York, as has this book by Butterfield. First published in 1898, this book traces the course of Etienne (Stephen) Brule's 17th century travels, from his arrival in North America with Champlain in 1608, to his untimely death in 1626 when he was killed and eaten by the Indians.
We always talk about what life was like on the Eastern Frontier in the 18th century, now we can read what it was like to be the first white man to explore the pre-contact areas of the Eastern Frontier 150 years before the start of the French and Indian War. This book gives us one of the rare glimpses into the fascinating early pre-contact Indian history of the East. Do you know about the Erie Indian tribe (or the Cat nations as the Indians called them), formidable adversaries of the Iroquois who suddenly disappeared into history? It was Brule's restless spirit and ardent love of adventure that prompted him to request permission from Champlain to explore interior New York and Pennsylvania. No white man had preceded him into that region and the date of that particular journey was 1615-a little over eight years after the settlement of Jamestown and six years after the first white man ascended the Hudson.

216pp, illustrations, 50+ pgs. note appendix, index, limited edition book, hardback. SOLD OUT


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