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Blind Faith:
The Gauntlet Runner Book VI
by S. Thomas Bailey


Blind Faith Gauntlet Runner Book VIThis is the sixth book in S. Thomas Bailey's Gauntlet Runner historical novel series.

Enemies come in many forms, and they are not always what you think. Jacob Murray has learned that lesson, but it haunts him once again. The tides of the war have finally changed and the British are beginning to gain ground over their French adversaries.
The French sit within the walled city of Québec, waiting for their enemy.

Jacob and Maggie are still apart, separated by thousands of miles of unfamiliar wilderness. Despite this adversity, they each seek a way to find what remains of their family. Faced with her own challenges, Maggie finds unlikely friendship and assistance from what she believed were her enemies. Following an opportunity to track down her son, she journeys to Québec City, where she finds a city preparing for a siege from the British army, who are determined to end the war.
Jacob faces his own challenges, and finds he is often forced to fight not only his enemies, but also those who should be his allies.

Blind Faith tells the story of deserters, a country controlled by the church, and the walled city that holds many secrets.

Paperback, 462 pages, $29.99
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