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Wilderness War by Allan Eckert


Wilderness WarVolume IV of The Winning of America (Narratives of America) Series by Allan Eckert. Wilderness War is an account of the contest between Royal Americans and the revolutionaries for the allegiance of the Iroquois Nation during the period of the American Revolution, its devastating effect upon settlers of both persuasions in the Wyoming and Mohawk Valleys, and of the Sullivan Campaign which all but destroyed Iroquois unity and power.
Occurring in 1779, this narrative history chronicles the day-by day, step-by-step march of the United States Army under Major General John Sullivan to destroy the Iroquois Indians, as ordered by Commander-in-Chief George Washington. Based on the numerous diaries, letters and official reports by the actual members of the expedition, it is a compelling account of the first major war waged by the new American government against the Indians and takes place primarily in eastern Pennsylvania and much of New York State.

496pp., maps, index, biblio, notes.$24.00 paperback
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