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  Eyes of the Forest bronze sculpture by Wayne Hyde


"Eyes of the Forest" by Wayne Hyde


The trail shrouded by the great trees and thick laurel. Those on the trail, traveled uninvited in this land. Quiet footsteps and cautious movements have not been enough to keep them undetected. Unaware that they will soon be within striking distance of a tomahawk, now bare of its sheath. Only the passing moments will tell whether it will strike as they pass under the watchful "eyes of the forest".

Simple survival often had to be fought for, so a warrior's stealth and the element of surprise made the difference between living and dying. With this in mind, I wanted to portray an eastern warrior in his element. I used rhododendron to create a forest mood that gives the sculpture more depth especially when viewed looking directly in the warriors face. His fierce countenance tomahawk in hand partially hidden by leaves, and other hand quietly parting the foliage gives it an ominous overtone.

30"h x 30"w x 20" deep with base
Edition size 25. Hot cast bronze.








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