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  The Hunter's Wrath bronze sculpture by Wayne Hyde


"The Hunter's Wrath" by Wayne Hyde
(The story of Meshach Browning)


Meshach Browning (1781-1859) lived his life in Western Maryland and was noted for his ability as a woodsman and courageous hunter. One of his greatest battles was with a bear. Meshach came to aid one of his young dogs who was taking a severe punishing from a wounded bear. He did not want to risk another shot with his rifle so he drew his knife instead. On the second pass at the bear it knocked him to the ground only to have the dogs save him from the bears wrath. As he plunged the knife in the bear for the seventh time, the bear finally succumbed to his wounds. After the fighting, Meshach expressed great respect for the bear that had defended himself against unequal numbers and sorrow for his brave dog that lay injured on the battleground. This is Wayne's largest and most complicated sculpture, and is also his first with a human figure. The movement and detail in this piece are unsurpassed.

Hot cast bronze.
Edition size 20. Rotating base.
27" wide x 14" high x 12" deep


The Hunter's Wrath bronze by Wayne Hyde
The Hunter's Wrath bronze by Wayne Hyde


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