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Eastern Indian/Frontier Art
Robert Griffing


The Lost Documents by Robert Griffing


Native Americans and Europeans have historically looked upon one another with great curiosity. The Europeans found it difficult to comprehend the Indian's life with no permanent home, no hereditary government and no accumulation of wealth.

The Indians thought the Europeans equally as odd. The whites lived cramped together like ants in large cities; their leaders were chosen because of their families and not their ability; and they bought and sold the land as if they owned it. Possibly the most curious of all to the Indian was the written word. The letters, documents and maps of the whites seemed to have the magical ability to take land from the Indian. Here, two hunters have come across a document chest lost upon a frontier trail. They carefully leaf through a journal and wonder at its mysteries.


Edition Size: 75 s/n canvas prints only
Image Size: 28" x 34"
Price: Sold out



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