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Planning the Attack on Fort Pitt by Robert Griffing


Planning the Attack on Fort Pitt by Robert Griffing



With every promise made to them during the war years forgotten, the natives were left to watch England and France divide up their land. They looked on as wave after wave of white settlers swarmed over the mountains, taking their land. The British made laws forbidding the sale of firearms, knives and powder to the natives making it nearly impossible for them to survice. After two years of talks and broken promises the tribes started to push back. On May 8th, 1763, warriors under Pontiac attacked Fort Detroit and the rebellion began.

In this painting, Robert Griffing depicts a scene above Fort Pitt. Here warriors under Guyasuta look at the massive Fort Pitt and try to select a plan. The commander of the fort, Simon Ecuyer, having learned of the presence of native forces gathering around the fort wasted no time in forming his plan. He would remove the outer town buildings, some by dismantling and some they would burn. They used the extra wood to rebuild the flood damaged walls and also leaving no structures to hide approaching natives. This move made the already formidable Fort Pitt almost impossible to attack. The natives would decide on a plan to put the fort under siege, by cutting off the only supply line from Fort Ligonier. This tactic nearly worked until the desperate fort was sent relief under the command of Colonel Bouquet. The natives would leave their attack on Fort Pitt to ambush this relief force. After two days of fighting (at the Battle of Bushy Run), the small army of Royal Americans and Highlanders would be victorious and relief would get to Fort Pitt.


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