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Robert Griffing

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Robert GriffingRobert Griffing's entire collection of prints can be viewed through this site as well as being on display in the gallery. Robert Griffing grew up in Linesville, PA where he roamed the fields and beaches around Pymatuning Lake collecting stone artifacts, the key factor for his love of history and native cultures. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a thirty year advertising career, he returned to the subject of his early fascination, the Eastern Woodland Indian of the 18th century. He describes himself as a painter of the Woodland Indians and focuses on a time that marked the beginning years of chaos and uncertainty for the Woodland tribes as they struggled to survive the encroachment of Europeans.

Paintings depicting Forts Duquesne and Pitt, the Braddock Expedition, the Battle of Bushy Run, The Taking of Mary Jemison, and numerous other historical scenes have made Griffing a household name in the frontier circuit. He hopes that his paintings shed some light on this time period that has been neglected through society's romance with the American West.

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New Print Releases:

Who is There to Mourn for Logan? Not one. - limited edition canvas print
Midday Break on the Scioto
- limited edition canvas print



The Historical Art of Robert Griffing: An Amazing Journey.

Robert Griffing's third art book (First two are out of print)


Over 130 paintings. Shipping now. Click the image on right to order.

  A Warning For General Braddock by Robert Griffing   Brothers Of The Forest by Robert Griffing   Council With The Allies by Robert Griffing  
A Warning For
General Braddock
Brothers Of The Forest
Council With The Allies
  Departure At Daybreak by Robert Griffing   I Have Something To Say by Robert Griffing   In The Heat Of Battle by Robert Griffing  
Departure At Daybreak
I Have Something To Say
In The Heat Of Battle
In The Shadow Of The King by Robert Griffing
Late Arrivals by Robert Griffing
Logan's Revenge by Robert Griffing
In the Shadow of the King
Late Arrivals
Logan's Revenge
Long Way From Home by Robert Griffing
Major Grant's Piper by Robert Griffing
Mohawk Morning by Robert Griffing
Long Way from Home
Major Grant's Piper
Mohawk Morning
Off The Beaten Path by Robert Griffing
One Mile To Bushy Run Station by Robert Griffing
On The Great Trail by Robert Griffing
Off the Beaten Path
One Mile to Bushy Run Station
On the Great Trail
  Preparing To Meet The Enemy by Robert Griffing   Ready To Move by Robert Griffing   Seneca Scouts by Robert Griffing  
  Preparing to Meet the Enemy   Ready to Move   Seneca Scouts  
  She Works With Quills by Robert Griffing   Tecumseh by Robert Griffing   The Crossing by Robert Griffing  
  She Works with Quills   Tecumseh   The Crossing  
  The Portage by Robert Griffing   The Reunion by Robert Griffing   The Taking Of Mary Jemison by Robert Griffing  
  The Portage   The Reunion   The Taking of Mary Jemison  
  The Victory Coat by Robert Griffing   The White Shirt by Robert Griffing   Too Quiet by Robert Griffing  
  The Victory Coat   The White Shirt   Too Quiet  
  Triumphant Return To Fort Dusquesne by Robert Griffing   Uncharted by Robert Griffing   Unconquered by Robert Griffing  
  Triumphant Return to Fort Duquesne   Uncharted   Unconquered  
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